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All our air exchangers for Volvo Penta and Yanmar

Are you looking for an air exchanger for your Volvo Penta engine or Yanmar Marine?Do not hesitate to consult our various items in stock.If you have any questions about one of our pieces, don't hesitate to contact us directly.

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What is an air exchanger or intercooler?


The air exchanger, also called intercooler, is very effective to increase the power of a car’s engine.


Indeed, it is acting on the air temperature before it enters the engine block to optimize its operation.In practice, the turbo compresses the airflow directly from the air filter.This increases the engine torque.



The operating principle of the air exchanger is very simple.When it comes out of the turbocharger, the air has undergone a high temperature rise.Indeed, the action of the turbo has the effect of rapidly increasing the temperature of the intake air and it is therefore less dense.In fact, it expands more easily, reducing engine performance.In order to reach the engine’s combustion chamber safely, it is directed to the air exchanger to be cooled.This is a direct result of densifying the airflow to improve combustion, but also the power generated.