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Adding out-of-stock products to your cart

It is now possible, on DAM Marine, to add both products in stock and products not in stock in your cart.Make your cart complete without taking into account the references in stock or not.

Items in stock

If you only order parts in stock, then you can order and the parts will be shipped the day even if the order is placed before 17 hours, otherwise they will be shipped the next day.Delivery times fluctuate according to the selected carrier.

The parts on order

If you add items on order in your cart, you can continue to validate your order, however this will fall in request for quote to our technicians.These will either validate it or not depending on the availability of the parts and comments you may have left.


You can then press "commander" to start validating your quote request or order.If it's just a quote request, you'll have nothing to do before the technician validates your quote.

Fill in your information for the quote

After you have validated your shopping cart containing your quotation pieces, you will arrive on a confirmation page on which you will first be asked to log in.Once you are logged in, enter your different addresses (invoicing and delivery), choose your delivery mode (this choice is not final, you can change it when validation of the quote).

You will then have a payment method that is "request for quote", on which you can write a comment as on the example of the above image (specify your engine, write different information to our technicians).

Find your quotes in your personal space

To find your quote, first click on the blue icon next to the basket and the search bar on which it is written your initials.You will then arrive on the page in which there are your different personal information and your quotes.

Then click on the quote icon available at the bottom right of the screen.You will arrive on the summary of your different quotes.

If you look at the details of your quote, you can see the following information:

You will have the different references, the unit prices of your references, the VAT and the total of your quote excluding transportation costs.*

You can find at the top of this information your quote number, the date of the quote, the contact that made you the quote.

You can then either modify or order the quote.

*The shipping costs will be to be determined in the shopping cart according to the delivery method

Validate your quotes

When you want to validate your quote, you can edit the different information that has been previously stated: address, delivery mode.

You can then choose your payment method, it will be available through the validation of the sales.

Once your quote is ordered, the parts will be ordered and you will receive different messages and emails to inform you of the progress of your order.